NADRAH is committed to providing timeless pieces while setting a standard for sustainability in the fashion industry. We take inspiration from vintage and retro staples and rework all sorts of high quality garments to create fashionable and unique pieces. NADRAH values individuality, self-expression, and creativity. We create wearable nostalgia through our one-of-a-kind collections.

We understand the impacts of the fashion and textile industry has on the environment and make every effort to reduce waste at each step of our process. Our designs centre salvaging all pieces of garments and jewelry that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and all of our textile scraps are recycled and repurposed to eliminate textile waste. While many brands throw scraps into the garbage, we utilize every last piece.

By shopping second hand, we are lowing the demand for fast fashion. We spend our money to create a cleaner, happier planet where fashion consumers create a positive impact and eliminate waste through conscious spending.

Production of all our reworked garments is kept local in Ontario, Canada.

Transparency is key. We want our customers to know about our business practices, from our vintage buying process, to the ins and outs of the research and design process and all of out sustainability initiatives.

NADRAH is dedicated to creating sustainable fashion that is a reflection of you.




We recycle used clothing to make something new, while keeping items out of the landfill.


Every last piece of scrap material is put to good use.


We use upcycled boxes and compostable mailers for our packaging.


All of our curated pieces are all locally sourced.


We salvage clothing, jewelry and house hold items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Some of the clothing we take are damaged beyond repair, so we take them to recreate them into something brand new to you. Many brands throw scraps into the garbage but we take unwanted pieces or curate items that our customers would love. 


We do not throw anything away. We reuse every scrap of fabric or jewelry until it is completely gone. If something is broke or torn we mend and make a new to you upcycled piece!


Upcycling: “The act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function. In doing so, the finished product often becomes more practical, valuable and beautiful than what it previously was.”

Canadians trash about a billion pounds—nearly 500 million kilograms—of fashion and home items made of fabric each year, but a new grading system could help divert most of it from landfills.


We re/use (once before used) boxes and other packaging materials in order to re/duce our environmental impact.

Our mailers are 100% compostable.

After planting the mailer in soil it will decompose over a period of 90 days into water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter.


All of our production curated, made and kept local in Hamilton, Ontario.